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My fuck-giving budget

Pre-mama Jenny gave a lot of fucks about things. There are only so many fucks a person has to give out. As mamas, our children take up most of them, which means that we need to be pretty selective about the rest of our fuck-giving. So here’s a hilarious list of things I really don’t have time or energy to give fucks about anymore in between temper tantrums and ever so glamorous cleaning of poopy pants. …

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Do I have an ‘Attachment Parenting’ hangover?

In classic ‘Mommy Wears Heels’ form, I’m gunna be real and just put it all out there. As usual, I’ll wait for you to gather round and change out of your judge-y pants. For the billionth time, my love for my daughter is undeniable. That’s why I’m having such a tough time with this whole thing.  We walk outside through the parking lot to the car. I pick up Anastasia and attempt to put her…

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To the rapist who’s free,

I have written pretty extensively about this topic in the past here on my blog. Unfortunately, I’m kinda of an expert in the topic. If you want to read part one of my story click here, part two- here and finally part three here.  Trigger warnings of sexual assault in all three posts. Recently in the news, the ‘Stanford rapist’ has been a very prominent story with the victim’s impact statement being shared. I read it and…

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26th Birthday, new tattoos & 26 random things about me!

Last week was my ‘Champagne Birthday’ because I Turned 26 on the 26th. Back pre mama days, I always told everyone this birthday I would wake up in Mexico with nothing but a poncho on because that’s how crazy I would have gotten. Now I didn’t wake up in Mexico this year.. But I had a pretty fantastic day! I had one of those days where just all the little things go your way and make…

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Mom life sucks sometimes

I’ve been sick for like a week. I know, I know.. I start am obscene amount of blog posts with that sentence but what can I say? I have a shitty immune system and a dirty toddler. So in the midst of sickness this week, I realized something: sometimes Mom life sucks. Chasing a screaming toddler around is on the short list of things I would rather not do when dealing with a head cold. Motherhood…

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Confessions of an Instagram addict

My name is Jenny and I am an Instagram addict.. I need a #InstaRehab I have wanted to write a post regarding social media and Instagram for months here on my blog because of my ‘expertise’ regarding the topic (- I’m no Kim K but ya know..) Never did I think I would start said post with an admitted obsession statement rather than of a how to guide. As I said in my update post,…

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Where the hell have I been- updates!

It’s been a month and I have been severely neglecting my blog..  So First things first, we moved! William, Anastasia and I moved into a apartment building and have been trying to making it home-y this past week. So during packing and moving, I really didn’t have much time to blog. Secondly, last month was a weird month for me blogging wise. You see- when I began writing my blog, I didn’t really expect the…

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“You are so skinny..”

Familiar words I have heard my entire life. Which by the way, hurt just as much as someone being called too fat. Body shaming is body shaming- no matter what body type is being shamed. If you are making someone uncomfortable in their own skin- that’s shaming. I’ve heard everything from ‘you eat like a bird’ to ‘do you EVER eat!?”. I have just always been the ‘tiny one’. Always the front row of school…

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Explaining anxiety..

I’m currently in the middle of a panic attack. I am finding it hard to breathe between sobs and finding it had to see the keys as I type. I need something to distract myself so I’m writing a ‘down and out’ blog post. Not for the sympathy or pity- but for the mental distraction. Writing is soothing for me. I’m not so far into it that I can’t breathe and it’s really scary yet,…

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An open letter to my fellow cows

Dear breastfeeding bully,  You are a pretty bad ass mother aren’t you?! Give your boobies a quick pat on the cleavage for a job well done! You kept a human alive from your own body- that’s pretty damn fantastic. It’s no secret around here that I am proud breastfeeding mama too. Hell- it’s my blog banner! I have proudly breastfed my child for her whole 19 months and we’re still going. I have wet nursed seven other…

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